“Make His praise glorious” - PSALM LXVI

Our musical journey began in a cotton field in rural Texas during the Great Depression. Annie Moses, our great grandmother, recognized a musical gift in her daughter Jane and invested everything she had to make that gift blossom.

Many years later Jane’s daughter, our mother Robin, gave us that same gift. Through our life-long studies at classical conservatories and our time professionally touring as the Annie Moses Band, we experienced the power of music to inspire. Other families approached us, asking: “how can we begin to emulate your experience in our own lives?”

The Annie Moses Foundation is our response to that question. We believe that the next generation is able to elevate our society through discipline, grace, and beauty. The Annie Moses Foundation exists to nurture truth and artistic excellence in young musicians. Through events at the Fine Arts Summer Academy and the Annie Moses Conservatory program, we give unique opportunities to young people to experience what it’s like to perform at a high level with extraordinary musicians. 

These opportunities would not exist without the Annie Moses Foundation. To support our mission, please donate today and give the gift of excellence.