We must invest in the spiritual and artistic health of our young people if we are ever to reverse the moral and artistic decline of American society.

The arts are arguably the most influential force in our culture today. A constant barrage of artistic stimuli is the daily reality of many today - forming the hearts and minds of our society through unprecedented technological avenues. Tragically most of the messages presented us fail to reflect the dignity and beauty of what it means to be human. Furthermore, many young people with the heart to communicate truth through beauty find themselves locked away from excellent instruction by geographic distance or financial need. 

Annie Moses Foundation exists to change these trends by cultivating the gifts of the young and endowing them with a supernatural vision for their place in the world.

Our programs create intensive, life-changing experiences for young artists that place them on the stage and teach them to communicate with excellence. By teaching technical virtuosity and instilling a spirituality rooted in truth, goodness, and beauty, Annie Moses Foundation is transforming the trajectory of our world.