Impact of the Annie Moses Foundation

  • AMF impacts the lives of more than 200 students each year, and over 1,500 since the Annie Moses Summer Music Festival began in 2003.
  • Annie Moses Summer Music Festival students have come from over 30 states as well as foreign countries.
  • AMF has awarded nearly $100,000 through the Annie Moses Summer Music Festival scholarship fund since 2010.
  • Annie Moses Conservatory is pioneering a brand new paradigm of music education, setting the standard for other programs around the U.S.

The Annie Moses Summer Music Festival

If you’ve seen and heard the Annie Moses Band perform at your local theater, church, or on their PBS specials, you will instantly recognize the six-sibling band’s outsized talent and undeniable onstage energy. The Annie Moses Band siblings have always loved performing as a family. Their shared faith is no small part of their story — indeed, it is their foundation and reason for being. In turn, their family dynamic has led many other families to ask: how can we accomplish the same?

For over 15 years that answer has come through the Annie Moses Foundation and its musical missions: the Conservatory of Annie Moses, and the annual Annie Moses Summer Music Festival (previously known as The Fine Arts Summer Academy). Through the years, the members of the Annie Moses Band have brought their Juilliard-training, onstage experience, and guiding faith to thousands of aspiring young musicians. Because of this, the Conservatory of Annie Moses continues to witness tremendous growth in the young performers who attend.

The Annie Moses Summer Music Festival (AMSMF) is a two week event held in Nashville, TN for young artists that offers instruction in strings, brass, woodwinds, voice, dance, drama, guitar, piano, and percussion. Faculty includes pedagogues and alumni from the Juilliard School, Cincinnati Conservatory, Berklee College of Music, and other prestigious institutions. During week one, students will be taught specialized skills in order to prepare for the summer festival. Week two, students will take part in a series of professional shows that are held at premier Nashville venues, and learn the art of performance through hands-on experience. 


The Conservatory’s musical mission is a weekly mentor program for aspiring pre-college artists, wherein students learn their respective instruments, and perform solo, or in ensemble, on a regular basis. It is not simply a music lesson program. It teaches total musical fluency - playing, performance, and composition/songwriting - creating the next generation of creators. Most importantly, the Conservatory of Annie Moses nurtures the unique identity of each artist and prepares them for professional level involvement in the world of the arts.

Monthly recitals give our students the opportunity to perform in several capacities: as a player in an ensemble, as a solo act, as an actor in a theatrical play/sketch, and even as a composer of their own musical work. 

We provide the tools for excellence so that our musicians are capable of self-reliance and creativity. Since the Conservatory atmosphere is one of constant growth, many of our students become teachers themselves, while also continuing their studies.


Take Sarah’s story, for example.

When Sarah came to us, she had a passion for the violin, but her musicianship suffered due to lack of opportunity, misinformed teachers, and bad technique that literally locked up her fingers and arms, causing her bow position to be awkward and her hands to ache. After her mother saw a flier for our Summer Music Festival and sent her to attend, Sarah became an outstanding player and composer, and she now teaches a studio full of promising students in her hometown! 

Sarah's students won’t have to grapple with bad information and miss out on professional instruction. Instead they have Sarah - a musical missionary, transforming the world she was born into with excellence and a heart for God. 

Sarah is just one of the many lives that the Annie Moses Foundation is changing for the better.

We hope you will join us as we raise up a new generation of extraordinary young artists. Please invest in these young players and help us create a beautiful space for them!