There are hundreds of organizations that reach out to youth in an attempt to help them become better musicians. Unlike other music programs that are focused on musical awareness or technique, we bring the arts together to teach young artists how to read, write, and play music. With musical fluency at their fingertips, our students learn to express themselves with confidence and clarity. We don't just see music as a tool that can shape part of a young musician's life, but rather, we utilize music to mold the whole person.

Who We’re Not:

  • A music program geared towards the musical elite.
  • An introductory program aimed at simply raising musical awareness.
  • An academy that sees music as only another extracurricular activity.
  •  Instructors who focus exclusively on classical repertoire.

Why We’re Different

  • We accommodate youth from all walks of life: accomplished musicians and beginners, classical and popular-genre enthusiasts, the affluent and the disadvantaged. It's a musical melting pot of cultural diversity. 
  • We meet students where they're at, by customizing each piece of music for individual artists. Our in-house composer and arranger does everything from rewriting a part for a struggling musician to creating challenging solos for the most promising performers. 
  • We utilize a low student-to-teacher ratio of 3:1, which allows teachers to focus in depth on their students' particular needs.
  • We maximize the number of roles in which a student can participate, optimizing on-stage experience.
  • We provide once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to perform on the nation’s most celebrated stages.

Our programs bring out the most in students and they empower young artists to lead lives of influence. By immersing students in this unique learning environment, we are able to achieve remarkable results in a short period of time.