Sometimes after a concert I hear parents say, “Our family doesn’t do music. We do sports.”

Now I have nothing against sports. Good exercise, the outdoors, and team spirit are all wonderful additions to life. But the arts are not equal to sports. They are far more important.

To understand why, we have to remember God’s commandments. “Sing to the Lord!” declares the Psalmist. “Sing to the Lord a new song! Play skillfully! Make His praise glorious!”


On the flip side, if you are Bible scholar you may recall these important Scriptures: “Throw a pass for the Lord!”, “Shoot hoops with excellence!”, and “Let the soccer ball soar!”  

If you’re scratching your head, you’d be right - there are no equivalent Scriptures for sports. In fact, there are no Scriptures that tell us to be good at math or social studies or cooking or a hundred other things. Only the arts receive such divine approbation.

That is not to undermine other pursuits - obviously they are incredibly important for human flourishing. But it is to return the arts to their rightful place: not as an “extra-curricular activity”, but as one of the pre-eminent pursuits of mankind.

Why? The Scriptures give us the answer: “Praise the Lord!” When the arts reflect a love for God, when they embody His Truth, Beauty, and Goodness, people are turned toward Him and a society is lifted up. Besides prayer and other spiritual disciplines, the arts are the only human activity that can draw the gaze of people from the ordinariness of life up to the surpassing beauty of their Creator. They remind us that we are made for something more.

That is the gift the arts can give. That is the mission of the Annie Moses Foundation.