Camille DaSilva

Camille DaSilva is a harpist, pianist, and B3 player living in Columbia, TN.  She travels professionally as a member of the Annie Moses Band. The group has released numerous albums including the chart-topping American Rhapsody and This Glorious Christmas as well as two PBS specials including the Emmy-nominated The Art of the Love Song.  

Camille made her debut with the Annie Moses Band at Carnegie Hall and the Grand Ole Opry. Camille DaSilva has won multiple awards and accolades for classical piano and harp.  She has studied  with master pedagogues: on harp, Emily Mitchell (Eastman School of Music), Licia Jaskunas (Indiana University, Eastman School of Music), and Marian Shaffer (Memphis State University) of Vanderbilt University, and, on piano, Amy Dorfman (Indiana University School of Music), Dr. Jerome Reed (Catholic University of America; Middle Tennessee State University); Viktoria Mushkatkol (Kiev Music School, St Petersburg Conservatory, University of Illinois) of the Juilliard School of Music in NYC.