One Band. One family. one mission.

to reclaim the Arts through excellence

Episode 2 Out Now!

The Annie Moses Show returns with a Fourth of July celebration! Featuring world-champion yodeler, Don Derby; a Mark Twain Broadway blowout; and up-and-coming virtuosos from across the fruited plain, our “Salute To America” honors the past and looks to the future with eyes of faith.

The Annie Moses Show resurrects a time-honored American tradition: a musical variety show for the whole family! Patterned after classic variety shows like Lawrence Welk, Ed Sullivan, and Carol Burnett, The Annie Moses Show brings together a musical family of singers, players, actors, and creators, unified under one mission: to declare the truth, beauty, and goodness of God.

The Annie Moses Show is high-class entertainment and inspirational artistry for the whole family.

the Conservatory of Annie Moses

Focused on wholistic artistic formation, the Conservatory hones every facet of artistic expression through both private instruction and ensemble experience, forming a Christian and deeply spiritual view of the arts. Our goal is to grow powerful performers and original creators. Study combines technical and performance training right along side the tools personal creative such as songwriting and composition. The Conservatory community is comprised of young artists from all over that country at both pre-college and college levels.

Celebrating 19 years in 2022, the Annie Moses Summer Music Festival is a performance intensive that hones a student’s unique artistic voice for the glory of God. If you want to jump into the Annie Moses Band's community of like-minded performers the Festival is the best place to start. The Festival culminates in a series of concerts showcasing the best of up-coming talent from around the US.