For over 20 years, the Annie Moses Foundation has been transforming the lives of young musicians and their families.

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A Band With a Different Purpose

Early in their career, Annie Moses Band knew they didn't want to be just one more band chasing their next hit record. When a few short years as a successful touring independent artist brought AMB to their first major-label boardroom meeting, the execs asked Annie what was her “career goal”. They were shocked when she quickly answered "we want to inspire 1000 churches to take up the mantle of arts education". Now almost two decades later, what began as simply taking the time before a concert to teach a young child how to hold her bow has blossomed into a Summer Music Festival, Artistic Preparatory Program, and in Fall 2023, a degree-granting Collegiate Program at the Conservatory of Annie Moses — a thriving community with an almost incomprehensible breadth of artistic skill and variety of expression.

Our Mission: to populate the world of the arts and culture with Godly Excellence.

Our Work

Our world desperately needs persuasive voices to proclaim the Truth with excellence, authenticity, and power.

The Dilemma

Every day, our eyes & ears are bombarded by an entertainment industry that will sell anything that generates clicks, no matter how degenerate or degrading. But the real tragedy is that in our world of ubiquitous screens the minds of the young are being enslaved – addicts to the algorithm. Their worldview is being formed by the entertainment industrial complex.

The people of God must fight back.

The Solution

At the Annie Moses Foundation, we believe that in the midst of a seemingly insurmountable darkness, a new hope can be born by sowing the light of Christ in the heart of the next generation, and equipping them to fill the stages and screens of the future with artistic expression rooted in Truth, Beauty, and Goodness. Our educational mission is centered on raising up a new generation with the artistic training to discern true quality and know how to cut through the hype of pop culture.

At the same time, our original productions are second-to-none – providing excellent and enriching entertainment the whole family can enjoy. From our children's programming like The Wonderful World of Benjamin Cello to our broadway-style musical productions like Tom Sawyer and Merry Christmas, Uncle Scrooge!, Annie Moses Foundation is putting boots on the ground to make a difference in our world.

The Annie Moses Foundation is making this vision a reality. But we cannot do it alone.

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