College Program


The College Program at the Conservatory of Annie Moses forms students in a holistic approach guided by our belief that the Arts are a spiritual discipline. The Program equips each student to write, arrange, notate, record, perform, and brand his or her art with excellence and authenticity.

A Letter from Annie Dupre, Co-Founder

The performing arts are a powerful force in the modern world. A hundred years ago, you might have heard a singer in a recital hall or on the radio. Today innumerable platforms give us unparalleled access to creative content. 

At the same time artists find it more difficult than ever to make their presence felt in the marketplace. Music education exists in a no-man’s-land of high tuition, anemic excellence, and an inability to engage a market that changes in months, not years.  But most critically, the performing arts today lack any call higher than self-promotion or political posturing. Why do we create? What is the purpose of our music?

Christianity provides us with an answer: to glorify the Creator through our own creativity. The artist who is best equipped to do this is one who has a wide variety of skill sets. They not only perform, but write music. They are not only bound to a single genre, but can work in all genres. They can notate and educate, produce and perform, record, and most of all, root their art in the rich soil of Christian spirituality. 

This is how we will reclaim a darkening world for Christ: by unleashing the beauty of truth with excellence.

About The Program

The goal of the Associates Degree in Music is for you graduate fully equipped to engage any musical task. Whether it’s arranging for a string quartet, editing a vocal in the recording studio, notating a rhythm chart, or collaborating with other musicians, graduates of the CAM College Program are fully fluent in the language of music. 

In Year 1, we work shoulder to shoulder with you to establish the foundational skills you will require in professional life. You can expect multiple private lessons in various instruments, live performance coaching, creative writing workshops, and lectures in genre analysis, Christian theology and aesthetics.

Year 2 culminates in a capstone project that serves as the student’s portfolio for professional life. This project is developed in conjunction with faculty and should reflect the full spectrum of musical fluency that the student has developed. Examples of capstone projects would include an EP with music videos, recordings of original classical compositions, or a filmed production of an original Broadway piece. Capstone costs will fluctuate depending on the project envisioned. 

With the proper dedication, each student can expect to leave our program with the confidence and skill to engage the world of music in numerous capacities with the portfolio to prove it.