The Associates Degree In Music is a cost-effective way to gain high quality musical instruction. We take a "trade school" approach with a career focus with the goal of equipping you with practical skills for artistic pursuits.  


Tuition (per annum)


Registration Fee


Other Costs


$400 (estimated budget)

Room & Board

Student's Discretion

Capstone Project

The Capstone Project is the summation of your work at the Conservatory of Annie Moses. Each student's project is custom-tailored in coordination with his/her advisor with a focus on preparing for a career launch. Examples include a recording, video, or other portfolio piece showcasing the student's artistic discipline and unique skillset.

Budget (allocated from total Tuition)


Additional Expenses (at Student's discretion)


Financial Aid

The Conservatory of Annie Moses does not accept Federal Student Financing. Instead, we offer affordable direct tuition financing on the following terms: 

  1. Pay In Full at Registration
  2. Pay in 6 payments per annum ($125/mo financing fee - first payment due at registration)