The arts are the most influential medium in modern times. We believe this reality necessitates the nurturing of skilled young artists who create godly, truthful, and excellent offerings for stages and screens. The grooming of this peer group must begin in the early formative years and requires not simply the development of technique and performance prowess but also the cultivation of the Spirit and the Imagination. The Annie Moses Band’s mission is to equip a new generation with the spiritual depth and the artistic skill to effectively occupy the spheres of artistic expression for the glory of God and the communication of His truth.

The Conservatory of Annie Moses began as the natural expansion of the Annie Moses Summer Music Festival, which draws 200+ students from around the world to work alongside the Annie Moses Band and faculty. It is a performance-driven, genre-defying, high-intensity, and faith-based music education event, and the young artists who experienced the power of the program began looking for additional opportunities to work in a deeper capacity with the Annie Moses Band and their family.

Thus the Conservatory of Annie Moses was born. For the first 7 years the program moved from location to location, but, in 2018, the Annie Moses Band secured and renovated a building in Franklin, TN to become the HQ and Mother School for the Conservatory of Annie Moses and their artistic mission. The Annie Moses Band envisions a world where moral integrity and artistic excellence fill the stages of Broadway and the screens of Hollywood, a world where every genre of music flourishes through outstanding local talent rooted in a love of God and a love of family.


The Conservatory of Annie Moses offers an exclusive, holistic and faith-based methodology developing complete musical fluency in budding, young artists. Our methodology incorporates the classical, commercial, and the personal creativity of the student. It is not simply about elite technique; neither is it about pop glamour. Instead, it is our goal to develop technical command, performance prowess, and creative functionality – to give voice to the student’s understanding of God – His truth and His beauty. Thus, three “pillars of fluency” are integrated into the Conservatory of Annie Moses philosophy and methodology.

Pillars of Fluency

To be fluent in any language, be it musical or verbal, requires three primary skills. A deficiency in any one of these skills impairs the art of communication. And our first aspiration as performers is to be compelling communicators.

The Conservatory of Annie Moses utilizes classical studies as the spine of technique, then, as the student progress and the functional knowledge of theory and improvisation develop, students are given the tools to create their own music through composition and songwriting in a plethora of genres.


To Speak is to sing and perform an instrument with technical clarity and command.


To Read is to not only read a part, but scores, rhythm charts, and to have the knowledge of music theory and ear training necessary to engage every musical setting.


To Write is to give voice to the unique creative spark of each person through improvisation, composition, songwriting. It is also to learn the musical language as it is notated in order to chart, arrange, orchestrate, and score.