Pre-College Program

Core Curriculum

We strongly encourage all students taking a private lesson to also join the full Core Curriculum. Even if a student excels at singing or playing an instrument, that skill does not necessarily translate into a compelling performance.

Fundamentally, the study of music is the study of the art of communication. A student must learn to act and react, to emote with compelling conviction and to move in an appropriate style.

Great working musicians also learn fluency in the language of music: to not just read and play the notes someone else hands them, but also to write – that is to both create and notate music.

Core Curriculum is targeted to build each student’s acumen for:
  • Live performance and dramatic training
  • How Christian faith and the arts interrelate
  • Beginning-to-advanced training in music theory, ear training, and improvisation
  • Commercial music, rhythm lab, voice, and classical technique

Private Lessons

Instruments are studied from both a classical and a commercial application, as well as in a solo and group format.


Many of our most popular and effective classes are electives; students can learn to notate, compose, write songs, dance, and improvise. Success in the field of the arts consists in being fluent in a wide range of mediums: performance, production, acting, singing, dancing, composing.

Saturday Classes

Saturday is the go-to day for out-of-town students and meets biweekly through the semester. Students who take Core and private lessons weekly may join in on these Saturday classes along with biweekly students.