upper division

Ages 11+

The Upper Division at the Annie Moses Summer Music Festival is for middle, high school, and college-age performers. Each student is given a customized performance experience based on their skill level. Our team of show writers and arrangers identify the strengths and weaknesses of individual musicians and work to both compliment and challenge the unique talents of each performer.

space is limited - only 50 students will be accepted per session

Music week

July 7-13 | ages 11+

Music Week is a performance intensive that culminates in a massive show featuring chamber symphony, a professional backup band, and multiple soloists and small groups in a wide variety of genres from Americana to classical to pop rock. Each performer receives two featured moments in the variety show in either a solo or small group capacity depending on their skill level. During the show, they also perform in a large group ensemble such as orchestra or choir.

Each day of Music Week is divided between large group rehearsals, coaching sessions for the performer’s features, and stage blocking.  Toward the end of the week, we transition to stage dress rehearsals where tech, lighting, and other components are included.

The purpose of Music Week is to give each student the experience of professional performance, going from “0 to 60 mph” in just 1 week from learning music to performing for a live audience. Students learn what it means to “stand and deliver” and come to appreciate their hidden potential for extraordinary excellence given the proper material, coaching, and context.

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broadway week

July 18-26 | ages 11+

What Music Week does for live artist performance, Broadway Week does for musical theater. Over the course of 10 days, performers participate in a series of shows that feature them in a dramatic and musical capacity. The experience is 360° with student opportunities for musical theater composition, arranging, stage tech, and on-stage performance.

In 2024 the theme of Broadway Week is "BROADWAY MASHUP", a grab bag of musical highlights designed to place you in your favorite Broadway moments. Featuring full lighting, costuming, and production, "Broadway Mashup" will be a wild ride of drama, comedy, and lightning-bolt showstoppers.


Broadway Week is not for everyone: it requires stamina, memorization, long rehearsal hours, and the ability to master complex performance material in just a few days. However, the results are tremendously rewarding as you experience the thrill of artistry with your fellow actors and musicians.

Broadway Week is by-audition only - students are cast in roles appropriate to their skill level and experience. To be considered for Broadway Week, it’s important that you submit your audition material promptly, as spots are limited.

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the woodshed

July 14-17 | ages 11+

The Woodshed is a seasonal intensive for strings, harp, guitar, mandolin, voice, and piano. Each day students participate in classes such as chamber orchestra, genre-specific ensembles (pop/rock band, bluegrass group, jazz trio, etc...), music theory, songwriting, and extensive performance coaching. You'll hone classical technique, fiddle chops, melody and lyric writing, and stagecraft.

The program is open to all skill levels. It's ideal for students looking to jump to a new level of technical fluency, musicality, and performance experience. The Woodshed is limited to 50 students.

Classes Include:

  • 2 private lessons

    Master-level teaching from the Annie Moses Band and pedagogues from the Conservatory of Annie Moses.
  • Daily technique coaching

    In-depth instruction in Galamian Violin technique for string students: bow technique, vibrato, finger articulation, shifting as well as advanced instruction on stagecraft and performance optimization.
  • performance coaching

    Teaches stage presence, conquering nerves, and optimizing musicality.
  • Songwriting and Creative Lab

    Apprenticeship with award-winning songwriters and composers to hone your writing craft.
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