younger division

July 7-12 | ages 6-10

The Younger Division at the Annie Moses Summer Music Festival features a holistic approach to discovering and developing the artistic talents of each child. It's an inspiring and high-energy event that combines the excitement of musical theater with foundational technical study.

All students rehearse and perform in an original Broadway-style musical customized for their talents and skill level - all in 6 days!

Each morning begins with Chapel devotions led by Benjamin Wolaver, aka Benjamin Cello and other cast members of "The Wonderful World of Benjamin Cello". The week’s theme in 2024 will be “Chalk and Block Children: What Every Child Needs to Know About Jesus” - the sequel to the newly released “What Every Child Needs to Know About God.” This new original work, from the writers of the music from Benjamin Cello, is a 10 song extravaganza, drawn from Scripture, and includes narrations, choric, and fun dramatic vignettes to create a spectacular final show. Every afternoon, in the golden hours, three teams of children will be invited to participate in the filming of a music video of each song they are learning, a great souvenir of their week’s work, and a wonderful way of sharing with others what they learned about Jesus.

Violin, viola, cello, guitar and piano unite with singing, drama, and dance for a creative, multi-sensory experience. We consider all facets of a child's talent and personality in order to bring out their best and most inspiring performances, as singers, actors, dancers, and instrumentalists in the final show. Parents, or an assigned guardian, are required to be on site at all times.

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MINI division

July 7-12 | ages 4-6

The Mini Division is incorporated into the overall Younger Division program, but is for very young ages and features a half day of classes instead of the full 6-8 hours

Parents, or an assigned guardian, are required to be on site at all times.

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casting process

In order for us to maximize your child's experience at the Festival, it is vital that we get to know them! Below is the 3 step casting process we require for all students–beginners, as well as the highly skilled.

Audition Video (for placement only) Requirements:

  • Singing ''Happy Birthday" or a verse of "Silent Night". They may sing another song of their choice along with one of these if they wish.
  • A short piece (3 or 4 lines) of dramatic dialogue
  • A Short Instrumental Performance (instrumentalists only)
  • A dance (dancers only)
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